10 steps towards energy efficiency – Part 2

10 steps towards energy efficiency – Part 2
Compressed air efficiency tips and tricks

Following on from last month’s blog post we look at the final 5 out of 10 tips and tricks that could help you achieve an efficient compressed air system!

    1. Master control means more than just enhanced efficiency
      Master controllers nowadays should not only be capable of activating and deactivating compressors according to demand in order to minimise control-related losses, but should also provide comprehensive monitoring and preventive maintenance features. The ability to display air consumption and energy demand is also essential to ensure that utilisation is compliant with energy management regulations as per EN/ISO 50001.
    2. The right space makes for quality compressed air production
      Because compressors generate heat, it is important to keep optimum ventilation in mind when it comes to compressor room layout. Plan sufficient space for maintenance and use a thermostatic control for colder times of the year to ensure that the machines maintain correct operating temperature at all times.
    3. Heat recovery saves energy costs
      Compressors convert 100 percent of the energy they use into heat. It is therefore absolutely essential to consider the options for heat recovery that are available for heating purposes or for process water, for example. This aspect can lead to significant energy cost savings in other operational areas.
    4. Think environmental protection
      The condensate resulting from compressed air production contains contaminants from the intake air and must therefore be effectively removed via monitored condensate drains and always be subsequently treated in order to safeguard the environment.
    5. Funding programs can help with financing
      Much of the capital outlay for compressors, associated equipment and services can often be offset by government funding programs or grants – sometimes by as much as 30 %. This is certainly an area worth investigating.

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